Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Confessions.... of a Lover.. and of a Friend...

****Huuuhhhhhhh !!!!!!**** ..... what is it ??

 A sigh ... a Relief … or ... just the contentment of regaining the lost life??

I skipped a beat every time anything related to you came by me.. Why so... ?? Am I weak...?? or is it that the presider of all the shrines that we went by had some different plans may be something differently planned ….
Something perfectly wrong or something terribly right he alone knows, coz, for myself...
I only knew you were honest when you said – You missed me among the ‘myriads of people roaming around’ and actually meant it when you said – You didn’t want to lose me…!!

         I knew well you were different but situations never understood that I didn’t have any differences with your difference.
What troubled the most was this horrible habit called remembrance... you see...for it hit me with every word that once soothed... pinched with every tender touch that once caressed…and wounded with every glance that once healed…

Every little thing became so predominantly memorable in this vast ocean of Memories:
 The 2 second calls consisting of – “meeting–meeting!!!” followed by the almost-every-day sent-inquiry -sms’s at 11.., -The good-luck wishes which served as confidence pills before every exam of mine.., -The now-turned-yellow leaf which we once thought of preserving forever…as a memory of don't-know-what.., -The anxious wait for the call which announced your arrival on those sunny Sunday afternoons.., -The mostly eaten nothing but “hide n seek”.., -The long walks which ended in you smilingly re-crossing the busy road to help me cross.., -The 'not so easily washable' letter which I happily inscribed on that pair of blue jeans.., -The enchanting verse of the pampering ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ which you hummed sitting on the banks of the ‘Sagar’ that flowed carelessly through the city.., -The little scars left by those golden ‘n green stone rings on those fair fingers which hurted me more than their bearer.., -The hated frowned look of mine to the ‘Sona’-watch which proclaimed it was gonna be 8..,-The sad humiliation that was felt when the unexpected rudeness demanded – ‘why I repeated the same thing again and again’.., And-The tears that knew no bounds on the utterance of – “perhaps, this is my last visit” !!!

        Tossing and turning every dark night till the world lit for a new life and  me ..then responding to the bell of sleep ... why so... was I scared of the light or afraid of the life ?! The talkative girl went mute, self-confined and over thoughtful... reflecting, analyzing, examining and pondering..... Just trying to reason out the 'right' that the world said or the 'wrong' that the heart said.
Thousands of people...hundreds of explanations...some narrated legendary examples... some spoke mere advices and some just gave the cool call -  ''Cuummmonnnn... !!'' all for me... for the good perhaps...but you know what.. ..??
'Reason' was attentive, 'Emotion' wasn’t ..!!!

         Time made us once draw hopeful images of a lovely dream in beaches of Life… but the tides named ‘Situations’ didn’t well approve of it and washed it all, the homo-sapiens sitting on the boat had nothing but to subdue perhaps trying to re-set life according the popular saying –“whatever happens is always for the better.”.. till one day that very wave brought in a shell of practicality… a place where you can happily treasure the ‘special cherished bond’ which possessed the power to give a tear and a smile as well…
 And decked up with mounds of contemplation here I am, with a upward concave curve in my lips…all set for a new journey … Already taken the first step and joined by you in the second in this difficult road of gutters and brakes, still looking forward to a wonderful journey with fingers crossed and yes I do assure you to be the most special friend to buy you a non-melting Cornetto of support and smile…. 

Promise korechilam na… “chirodin eibhabeii bondhu thakbo”??-… ...how can I break it re..??!!

**** Well well… “Why is this salty drop shimmering in your eyes for..?? Sad or Happy…what??”  angrily inquired ‘Reason’…
“Nothing… just the sweet call of ‘Ma’am’ somebody just uttered, which you will never understand..” answered ‘Emotion’.****


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