Friday, January 20, 2012

And.., Three hundred and thirty one days later, I still Miss to Miss 'them' all…

I Miss the opulent ‘Oii’,
I Miss the precious Princess,
I Miss the subtle smell,
I Miss the sensitive Sweetheart,

I Miss the ravishing rain that afternoon,
I Miss the ‘holding hands’ that evening,
I Miss the clear full moon that night,
I Miss the reassurances of Love that dawn,

I Miss the throbbing heart,
I Miss the promises of never being apart,
I Miss the token of remembrance never given to me,
And, I Miss the ‘khola hawa’ that loosened it all,

I Miss the eyes that that looked into mine,
I Miss the holiday plans amidst the snow,
I Miss the silent peck on the lips,
And, I Miss the feel that made me know every nerve of his,

I Miss the song by the river,
I Miss the confessions of a Lover,
I Miss getting scared and scolded,
And, I Miss not letting him leave again,

I Miss those confidence boosts when a test,
I Miss the care when a bad cold,
I Miss the tears wiped out by him,
And, I Miss the day he didn’t cross my mind,

I Miss the thousand kisses on the forehead,
I Miss them curl in the cold in one small shawl,
I Miss the hours waited for that look,
And, I Miss the hug that made them forget the world,

May be you Miss to understand me today,
May be you Miss to identify ‘them’ today,
But… You know what…
Three hundred and thirty one days later…
'They' still Miss to Miss you..,
And I still Miss to Miss them all…


Rainbow showers... said...

Love this, and know what...I come back again and again to read this. Every time my heart aches to write one such piece.

Rajoshree said...


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