Sunday, August 14, 2016

On a drizzling July day...

On a drizzling July day..
A new place ushers me with all its may,
I fail to understand its virtues and vice...
And I hate to be here although it's nice.

On a drizzling July day..
The new greenery attracts all my say,
Life proves how lucky I am...
And I do not dislike it past the jam.

On a drizzling July day..
A few wonderful souls cross my way,
Friends they call themselves..blessings I call them..
Away from home..I've found some gem.

On a drizzling July day..
New friendships galore past what lay,
Limitless help, laughter and fun...
In great gratitude for this new run.

On a drizzling July day..
Life walks towards some serious bay,
Old promises to keep, new bonds to cross..
Love's labor should not be lost.

On a drizzling July day..
Life has started anew with all its gay,
To live to the fullest for this is a boon..
Let life decide what comes next moon.


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