Thursday, July 20, 2017

Of Journeys and Monsoon...

The gloomy sky... that's not so dry,
The urge to sit...that struggles to fit,
The windows open.. letting a world reopen,
And, the wet greenery...serving the perfect scenery;

The winds blowing...that lets 
the hair flowing,
The pictures beyond...that change every second,
The hawker's cry...calming the child's try,
And, the momentary friendships...lasting through the trip's;

The unknown passenger...that smiles dear,
The regular sway...that's now at bay,
The station names...familiarizing themselves,
And, the glaring whistles...of invading new nestle's;

The bunks up...that announce time's up,
The dark nowhere..that gives light to somewhere,
The vehicle trailing...leading to a calling,
Lets the feet walking...towards some old bonding

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Onektai jano paltey geche ajkal...

Notun bhalo lagar jowar-e aj mon ta besh tan-tan,
Chokher konay kannar bodole hashi jano omlaan,
Man-Obhiman miliye mishiye bhaloi kaatche je dinkal..
Bairer drishyo ta onektai jano palte geche ajkaal.

Onek obhyigotta.. ei prothom - Prothom upohar, Prothom chowa..
Shokaler prothom bhabna theke rater shesh chinta obdi,
Sheet er porosh periye aj bonshonter je rong laal..
Bairer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Obhyesh je boroi kharap..
Shokaler cha theke raater chador,

Rokkhe holona tar shomoyer kache.. Poristhitir kache shey meneche haar,

Barirer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Projukti je ekhon sudhui bhorsha..Ar bhorsha protishruti..
Jibon juddher shei boro porikkhay bifolotai holo porinoti,
Kanna muchiye hashir khonje tor sathe ami chirokaal..
Barirer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Shomoyer sathe sathe maniye nilam..
Dure jawar karon..kache asha bhablam,
Kaash ful shukiye aj khejurete hari badhar je dinkaal..
Barirer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Eki shure bajlo je mon..
Chaar haath ar ek chaat,
Ek shomporker haath dhore..aj je amar onek naam..
Barirer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Man-obhiman paltayni go...
Ar paltay ni shei haath-e showa,
School - tiffin - office-er majhe aj keteche je kotokaal..
Barirer drishyo ta onektai jano paltey geche ajkal.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

She-kaal O E-kaal er Shei Chaar Din!

Kichudin holo..boddo gorom poreche,
Brishtir naam-gondho nei,
Megher ashay ashay akashe takatei peja tulor ek shomagom chokhedhora dilo..

Kichu jano janan dite chailo;

Shondhey te Maa phone kore hotat bollo.."Tui kobe asbi?, Bajar jete hobe toh...",

Ami bollam : "Dhurr, ei dudiner jonye eshe ar berote icche korena..",
Ma bolle : "Tahole to ar shomoy pabina? Ami e ki tor kenakata kore rakhbo?";

Besh kichu soptaho por aj train e chaplam,
Eki rasta..kintu bairer drishyota onekta palte geche jano..
Anache-kanache gojiyeche kaash fuler jhaank;

Esob kabyik bhabnar theke onek dure...bastob joboner kruro pothe cholte cholte tar
ek-choturthangsho poth paar kore felechi aj,
Porashuna - Poisa -Premer chaape hoyto ar din gona hoyna,
Tao shei udash kora ekla bikel guloy...jokhon jokhon kichu elomelo bhabna eshe joro hoy...
Tokhon shei peja-tulor moto megh, notun jamar kenakata, kaash ful gulo eshe janan daye...
Uni aschen... Bangalir Shreshtho Utsab asche...

Jibon juddhe lorte lorte hoyto eshober maane kichuta paalte geche aaj,
School-e chuti porar tara-ta hoyto bodle nijer shohore ferar tara hoyeche,
Onekgulo jama kenar shei iccheta hoyto bodle ebar ekta Saree kenar icchete prinoto hoyeche,
Bondhuder sathe ghurbar bhabna ta hoyto bodle hoyeche barir sathe kichuta shomoy kataanor icchete..;
Tobuo.., Ei shomoytar kichu fele asha onubhuti ekhono omlaan roye geche...
Jano ki?
Shei prothom notun bochorer calendar peye ei chaar-te din khuje ber kora.. ar tar sathe sathei mone-mone ekta chotto chokh koshe newa,
Kichu kaash-fuler hawar sathe dule otha..,
Ek-chilte roder modhye diye kichu peja tulor moto megher uki dewa..,
Ar bajarer bhirer modhye lukiye thaka kichu notun jamar gondho...,

Ar tar sathe sathei..
Obileen hoye roye geche..
Kichu purono chorachorito othoba kichu notun Bhalo-Rakha,
Kichu chena othoba kichu ochena Bhalo- Laga,
Ar kichu shomoy-shomoyheen Bhalo-Basha...

Sunday, August 14, 2016

On a drizzling July day...

On a drizzling July day..
A new place ushers me with all its may,
I fail to understand its virtues and vice...
And I hate to be here although it's nice.

On a drizzling July day..
The new greenery attracts all my say,
Life proves how lucky I am...
And I do not dislike it past the jam.

On a drizzling July day..
A few wonderful souls cross my way,
Friends they call themselves..blessings I call them..
Away from home..I've found some gem.

On a drizzling July day..
New friendships galore past what lay,
Limitless help, laughter and fun...
In great gratitude for this new run.

On a drizzling July day..
Life walks towards some serious bay,
Old promises to keep, new bonds to cross..
Love's labor should not be lost.

On a drizzling July day..
Life has started anew with all its gay,
To live to the fullest for this is a boon..
Let life decide what comes next moon.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just….. This Much…

As much as the Glorifying dew on the February leaf…
As much as the slashing waves that Await the shore, onto which they leap,
As much as the Broken soil, that Covets the first drop of monsoon…
And, As much, as stars that Wish for the Full-moon;

As much as the kids first job, that brings parents’ ‘The Light’…
As much as the tick of the clock, that Lures the dumb night,
As much as the beggar who Craves a blanket, on the roady December lines..
And, As much as the cancerous soul, that Desires to be fine;

As much as it Feels to anticipate the first symptoms of parent-hood…
As much as the Dripping new mother, yearns to see her good,
As much as the Nostalgia of the years-later-home-bound kid…
And, As much as Kills to steal the parting bid;

As much as the new bride Cherishes the moment of being-Vermilion-ed…
As much as it Pains to learn “that kiss” was the end,
As much as the Empty-ness, that threatens the survival,
And, As much as the heart, Skipping a beat, to learn the age-old-lovers-re-arrival…

Do you know … 
How much? 
Not much, but yes…
You mean to me…
Just as much…
...As "This" much !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mone aache...???

Mone aache ek ochena otithi,
Kichu shomoy, ar kichu haanshi-iarki-thattha..?

Mone aache sediner Konkone Cornetto?
Sheyi lomba hanta poth ar thont-er er pash ta ke alto kore muchiye dewa?

Mone aache.. tor dui chokh,
Ar tader sheyi muhurter geye otha...’Bissash kor, ami je shottie bhalobashi’..

Mone aache… ‘Oi, kokkhono kaandbi na...’,
kichu hanshi o kichu oshrujol..?

Mone aache… Spain, France, South Africa,
Kichu shopno, kichu tushar-paat ar kichu Bhalobaasha?

Mone aache kichu Choya,
Ar shei je dui ‘Pherari Mon’..?

Mona aache…’Ami to ekhanei aachi’
‘Ami jabo na’, ‘Ami aashbo’, Ar ‘Ami chesta korbo’?

Bhulte cholechilam bastob aaj,
Purono smriti te hariye nijeke,
Shopno rajjo ke aankre dhore,
Khushir dheute je bheshechilam jore;

Phire esechi abar aaj;
Na, Mone chilo na Bhalobasha je ek Onnaye-oporaadh,
Shobtai je mitthe hoyeche… shomoye e je tar asto promaan,
‘Bastobe je baanch-te hobe’…Hyaan Mone poreche… abar aaj…

Shob Shopnoi e je Mone aache…
Bhebhe bol dekhi…Dosh ki shottie … amar tate..??

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Malignant Scar...

I was pushed down,
I was Bleeding,
They came to see me,
And I started healing,

I fell again,

Was hurt again,
The wounds were wrapped,
And scaled was it ..All over again..;

The scars have healed,
But still 'It' pains,
Nobody notices it,
But I know that 'It' still remains;

It kills by pinches,

But never shows a sign,
And the world presumes...
That I must be Fine..;

Oh now that 'Its' terrible one day,
I know 'Its' Malignant and can rip me some day,
Nothing collapses but Me and My Heart,
And still I resolve, never to let Him apart...